Kids learn how to find their voice to tell meaningful stories for short films

create awesome screenplays course

The COMPLETE, STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM to get your amazing screenplay idea out of your head and onto the page!

Seriously? An online screenwriting course made just for kids?

About Us

We believe great story tellers come in all ages.

The Create Awesome Screenplay course by Screenwriting Kids began in 2009 as a series of small summer workshops that were taught in the West Los Angeles area. We are now a fully online course where students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional writer. We offer our comprehensive course to a number of Private Charter Schools in the state of California. Our founder, Debbie Wright, is the proud recipient of the prestigious Disney Television Writing Fellowship Program and has written for Disney/ABC Family. She was a script reader for the Disney Writing Fellowship Program and is a member of the Writer’s Guild Association. Debbie also has an MFA in Creative Writing.


Any kid who loves to write and would like to learn what it takes to write a good movie/television script. This course is for the…

The Explorer

The young writer who is constantly looking for new writing adventures to express their creativity.

The Go Getter

The young writer who knows they want to be a professional screenwriter and has the motivation to see it through.

The Curious

The young writer who loves to write and would like to understand more about screenwriting.

The Entertainer

The young writer who loves to tell stories and entertain with their words.