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About Screenwriting Kids

In 2008, Screenwriting Kids began as a series of live workshops for kids and teens interested in screenwriting. As the program grew, the training transitioned to online, personalized coaching where young writers learned how to write a screenplay for a full-feature movie. The training also became available in several California Charter Schools, fulfilling student's Language Arts Skills.

We have since evolved our coaching program to help young writers see faster results in their screenwriting journey. Create Awesome Screenplays coaching program focuses on teaching young writers how to create compelling screenplays for short films by first mastering the art of storytelling using our Inside-Out Story Development Method.

This is a method that helps young understand what it truly takes to write a compelling story--therefore, unlocking their STORYTELLING BRILLIANCE.

Our Create Awesome Screenplays VIP program helps our students write and produce their screenplays so they can submit their projects to short film festivals designed for kids and teens, giving them the opportunity to get their work seen and placed in front of industry professionals, jumpstarting their screenwriting careers. (There are many kids and teens who have become award winning screenwriters/filmmakers.)

We have also rolled out Create Awesome Screenplays Inner Circle, which is our group coaching program for young writers who are serious about learning how to become successful screenwriters but not quite ready for the personalized one-on-one coaching program.

In our Create Awesome Screenplays Inner Circle, members receive group coaching, helpful writing challenges, monthly screenwriting workshops and lots of fun film and screenwriting events to help bring out their story brilliance so they can learn how to write compelling screenplays for short films and launch successful screenwriting careers.


It's a faster process that allows novice writers a quick way to be seen by industry professionals.

Writers gain valuable experience in understanding how to tell a compelling story in a short span of time.

Short films serve as excellent calling cards within the industry that demonstrates a writer's talents.

Screening at festivals designed for young writers is an excellent way to gain exposure and make industry connections.

There are several short film competitions that provide funding to top winners to produce future projects.

Becoming an award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker opens many doors, jumpstarting screenwriting careers.

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About Me:

Hi, I'm Debbie 

I have always been a writer. And finally, in my adult years, I went after the dream making it into the highly competitive Disney Fellowship Writing program--where I went on to write for ABC Family. After gaining experience as a script reader for major studios, I began to see the common pitfalls many writers were making when it came to developing their stories.

I decided I wanted to help young writers understand how to master the art of storytelling because, one, I love working with kids, and two, they are at such an advantage when they learn important story development skills at an early age. 

And it's since become my mission to help build the next generation of awesome & amazing screenwriters. 

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Screenwriting Kids Inner Circle brings together aspiring young screenwriters who are serious about mastering the art of storytelling so they can build a compelling body of work through our community coaching programs, workshops, critiques and challenges that will help our members create awesome screenplays that will launch their screenwriting careers.