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About Us

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At Screenwriting Kids, our mission is to nurture creativity in young aspiring screenwriters by providing a dynamic and comprehensive screenwriting coaching program. The aim is to empower passionate writers with the skills, mentorship, and industry insights needed to craft compelling stories. Through personalized guidance, going deep with story, and celebrating achievements, the goal is to foster a community of confident storytellers ready to make their mark in the world of film and beyond. Read this article to know more about us.

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.

Maya Angelou

Kids/teens do not have to wait until they're adults to launch their screenwriting career:

See what these young writers were able to accomplish.

  • ABC Television Black-Ish star, Marsai Martin set the Guinness World Record as the youngest executive producer for a major film at age 14.
  • Nicholas Buamah created his own sitcom, Nick's House, where he is the
    Executive Producer at age 11.
  • Esabella Strickland became an award-winning screenwriter
    at age 15. Her films were shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

  • Hana Makhmalbaf at age 8, made her first short film, The Day My Aunt Was ILL which received international attention at Locarno Film Festival. At age 14, Hana's film Joy of Madness premiered at Venice Film Festival 2003 and received three international awards.

About Screenwriting Kids

In 2008, Screenwriting Kids began as a series of live workshops in Los Angeles for kids and teens interested in screenwriting. As the program grew, the training transitioned to online where kids/teens around the world got the chance to elevate their story development skills from the perspective of professional screenwriters.

Our core mission is to prepare young writers for all the creative possibilities that are available to them once they understand how to craft an emotionally compelling story that connects an audience to what it means to be human in the world. Kids/teens learn they are not limited to their age instead the doors are wide open for writers who can use their unique voices to create authentic stories that make a positive impact in the world.

It's not about writing just for entertainment value but creating stories that can inspire, encourage, and give hope to others. Stories are the most powerful means to experience our world and the people we share it with. Screenwriting Kids helps young writers connect their stories with intention and meaning so they can go out and do great things with their gifts!


It's a faster process that allows novice writers a quick way to be seen by industry professionals.

Writers gain valuable experience in understanding how to tell a compelling story in a short span of time.

Short films serve as excellent calling cards within the industry that demonstrates a writer's talents.

Screening at festivals designed for young writers is an excellent way to gain exposure and make industry connections.

There are several short film competitions that provide funding to top winners to produce future projects.

Becoming an award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker opens many doors, jumpstarting screenwriting careers.

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After gaining experience as a script reader for major studios, I began to see the common pitfalls many writers were making when it came to developing their stories.

I decided I wanted to help young writers understand how to master the art of storytelling because, one, I love working with kids, and two, they are at such an advantage when they learn important story development skills at an early age. 

And it's become my mission and honor to help build the next generation of awesome & amazing screenwriters. 

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