Screenwriting Kids

What is the age range for this course?

We generally recommend ages 12 to 18. Kids should have strong reading and writing skills to get the most out of the course.  The material gradually becomes more advanced and the concepts may be difficult for kids under the age of ten.  

Can teenagers take this course?

Yes. The course material is advanced enough for teenagers.

How do students contact Debbie?

Students will correspond with Debbie via our course platform, email and direct message. Student assessments are available on the course platform. And coaching sessions, offered with the PREMIUM course, are performed via Direct Message. This allows students to take their time to formulate their thoughts, it’s less stressful for the shy writer and students have notes they can go back to regarding their session.

How soon will students complete a script?

This depends on the student and how motivated they are to complete the course. While both the STANDARD and PREMIUM course offers feedback, it is up to the student to get the work done. Students who take the PREMIUM course, receive personalized coaching and are encouraged to complete their screenplay in 60-days.

How many scripts can students submit?

This depends on the course plan. Students who sign up for the STANDARD course do not have the option to submit their screenplay for script notes.  Students who sign up for the PREMIUM course can submit one screenplay made for a short film (5 to 40) pages.

How long does it take to finish the course?

Again, this all depends on the student. There’s a lot of material so it’s not a course to rush through but with consistent effort, students are able to complete this course and submit their final script in less than three months. The PREMIUM course sets students up to complete their script in 60-days.

Can I speak to someone directly regarding the course?

Yes! You can call us at (310) 295-1214 for more details.