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Eliminate YEARS of trial-and-error off of your child's screenwriting journey and empower them with the professional skills and writing confidence they need to bring their unique stories to life and achieve their screenwriting dreams with an outstanding screenplay right from the start!

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7-Day Money Back Guarantee


What's Inside Of Create Awesome Screenplays Inner Circle?

Our student's success is the utmost priority, which is why every pillar within our program is designed to build strong story development skills, boost writing confidence,
so they can create awesome screenplays.

Understanding Story

A deep dive into the function and philosophy of story with entertaining, in-depth video lessons and thought-provoking writing prompts. 

Character Study

High-level video lessons, short film analysis, writing prompts, and interactive coursework unearthing the deep layers of creating authentic characters.

Building the Premise

We use a special story development blueprint that helps writers build out the premise of their screenplay in such a way that gives them a bird's eye view of their entire story.

Story Development 

Access to our Inside Out Story Development Method where students learn how to structure their entire screenplay in a deeply compelling way that will gain the attention of screenwriting competitions, film festivals, agents, managers, and film festivals.

Group Calls

Members receive feedback on coursework every step of the way during bi-weekly Zoom calls to make sure their writing is on the right path of screenwriting success.

Film Festivals

Resource library full of screenwriting competitions and film festivals specifically designed to help kids and teens get their stories out in the world once they have crafted their awesome screenplay. 

All It Takes Is One Great Screenplay To Open The Doors To AMAZING Career Building Opportunities...

In this screenwriting community, kids/teens ages 11 to 17 learn high-level storytelling skills--that are not being taught to young writers but they absolutely must know!)
Helping them to elevate their writing to a point where they can win screenwriting competitions, get their work produced, submit their screenplays for Film School applications, enter film festivals, and ultimately become successful screenwriters.

One-Year Membership Includes:

  • Bi-Weekly Feedback Coaching Calls with Founder, Debbie Marie (former Disney Writer & professional screenwriting coach)
  • One-of-a-kind, in-depth story development video lessons that focus on the psychology and philosophy of storytelling.
  • Interactive video response sessions with writing coach to learn how to articulate what makes a story work.
  • Plot, story & character development writing templates that provides the blueprint for great screenwriting.

  • Short film analysis workshops to learn how to critically watch films like a screenwriter.

  • Professional development workshops that prepare young screenwriters on how to get their projects out into the world.

  • Access to Private Watch Party Events that reinforces what it takes to create great screenplays.
  • Private community with ongoing screenwriting support, because writers THRIVE in community.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

All-Inclusive Professional Story Development Program For Young Aspiring Screenwriters. 

Get Access to the exact system I’ve used to help students become

award-winning screenwriters.

The ONLY screenwriting club for kids and teens devoted to professional development. 

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


Story Concept Review 

Members receive full review of  their story concept before moving on to fleshing out their story idea.

Story Development Workshops

Members receive full access to professional-level training from writing coach with 15 years of coaching experience where students will learn how to make their writing truly shine.

Personal Feedback

Members are guided throughout the entire screenwriting process during our weekly group coaching calls. Students can also ask questions in our private community.

Instant access To Professional Screenwriting Coach

The value of your child having an experienced writing coach assisting them in developing their writing skills so they can write at a deeper storytelling level, get unstuck, and receive the support they need to thrive is a unique opportunity that can only be found here in the Screenwriting Kids Inner Circle. From story concept, to creating their screenplay and finally getting it out into the world, young writers will learn what it takes to create compelling stories that win awards and launch careers.

CLICK HERE to check out what some our students and parents have to say about Screenwriting Kids.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee


 Debbie Wright

Debbie is a talented writing coach who holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a recipient of the prestigious Disney Fellowship where she wrote for Disney/ABC Family. 

Debbie was a Staff Writer for the ABC Family Drama Lincoln Heights and a script reader for the Disney Fellowship Program. Debbie is currently a volunteer writing mentor with the amazing non-profit organization WriteGirl, and is in the process of producing a Young Adult fiction novel.

Since 2008, Debbie has taught young writers the power of telling a great story that delivers an impactful message through fully realized characters and compelling plots. Debbie puts her entire heart into empowering young writers to be empowered to use  their voice and tell their stories.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here’s what industry professionals are saying about the course instructor...

Frank Bennett Gonzalez

Former Director, Talent Development Disney ABC Television Group and current DGA Executive in Charge of Diversity Programs and Committees

Debbie is an exceptional person and an outstanding screenwriter. Her passion for children and skill with story and characters make her an INCREDIBLE teacher for the next generation of creative writers.

Mina Lefevre

Former VP Programming and Development ABC Family and current Head of Development and Programming Facebook Watch

Debbie is a talented and gifted writer that has a lot to offer young people seeking television and screenwriting careers. She is a wonderful storyteller with the unique ability to capture her audience with interesting and strong character driven scripts.

Frequently asked questions

When do the weekly calls occur?

All of the calls take place 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time twice per month, hour per week alternating on a Thursday and Sunday. All calls are recorded so if a student can't make the call, but has submitted their work for review, they can watch the recording and receive their feedback. 

My child is under the age requirements, can they still enroll?

The group coaching program is best suited for kids/teens 12 to 17 year old. However, if your child is an exceptional writer for their age, and is at least 10 years old, they can enroll in the course.


Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee.


What occurs on the weekly calls?

During the weekly calls, students receive feedback on their course assignments. So it does not matter where your child is in the course, they will be able to jump right in and receive the support they need. Students will receive instructions on how to submit their work prior to the call.


Can adults enroll in the group?

No. This community is strictly for kids and teens. All members must submit a video introduction or their membership will be canceled.


How do I upgrade to private coaching?

We offer two levels of private coaching. There's the Premium-level course where students receive one-one-one written feedback on all of their assignments, lessons and screenplay. They also receive notes on the first draft of their completed screenplay. Our VIP course includes private, one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions, screenplay coverage, storyboard consultation, filmmaking module, pitching workshop and assistance entering competitions and film festivals. The VIP program requires an application process. 


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