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Not Sure What Next Steps To Take In Order To Help Your Child's Professional Screenwriting
Dreams Come True?

With Our Hollywood-Ready Workshop

Young Writers Discover How To Take Their Screenplays From Amateur To Professional-Level So That They Are Prepared to Submit A Polished Screenplay to Hollywood Producers And
Screenwriting Competitions

In As Little As 60 Days.

The Six-Step Process Professional Writers Use To Get Their Scripts

In this valuable revision workshop intensive, students will discover:

  • How to make sure their story has a strong emotional range and is not just one emotional note.
  • How to identify unnecessary scenes and dialogue.
  • How to check the logic of the plot and make sure it follows a cohesive story.
  • How to save time in the revision process and not waste time making their screenplay worse.
  •  How to pinpoint weaknesses in the story that will lead to rejection by competition judges or producers.
  • How to understand what producers and competition judges are looking in a polished screenplay.

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1:1 Coaching

Personalized revision coaching on  the SECOND DRAFT of a completed screenplay.

Script Coverage

Personalized written feedback on second draft of screenplay to get it Hollywood-ready in

Video Lessons

Comprehensive over-the-shoulder video lessons that provide an easy to follow revision process that will elevate writing skills and produce a polished screenplay.

kids Discover How to Elevate their Writing Skills In order to get their screenplays hollywood-ready!

This comprehensive workshop Intensive offers advanced-level revision techniques via online video instruction1:1 personalized written feedback and script coverage on a second draft in order to produce a POLISHED screenplay for a short film. Students will discover a deeper understanding of how to make a good screenplay GREAT and get it ready for screenwriting competitions and producers!

It Takes More Than One Draft to Write a Great Screenplay!

Many new writers make the mistake and think it only takes one draft to get a story right. This is NEVER true. As the old adage says, writing is always rewriting. And there is a right and a wrong way to go about the revision process. Our Hollywood-Ready Workshop teaches our students how to spot and fix weaknesses in their screenplay without wasting time and making their screenplay worse.

There are several moving parts to a screenplay from characters to pacing to dialogue and tone. And it is important to understand how to strengthen a story in order to give it the best chance of being recognized by industry professionals.

In this workshop, students will understand how to utilize a critical eye when it comes to reviewing their work and strengthening their screenplay. After going through the six-step revision process, students will have a step-by-step easy to follow plan on how to improve their writing. And once they complete their rewrite, they will receive personalized written feedback on their second draft.

This workshop is for young writers who are serious about taking their screenplay to the next level. As it is important to note, KIDS CAN AND DO WRITE FOR HOLLYWOOD!

Marsai Martin

Youngest Executive Producer

'Black-ish' star Marsai Martin has set a record as the youngest Hollywood executive producer for the movie comedy Little at age 14. 

Esabella Anna Karena Strickland

Award-Winning Teen Screenwriter

At age 15, Strickland became a multi award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter. Her films have won several film festivals and have been selected in the 2021 Cannes Short Film Festival.

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