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Where young aspiring screenwriters come together to master the art of storytelling so they can complete meaningful screenplays for short films, workshop their ideas, receive non-judgmental support and get their stories out into the world.

Live Trainings

We bring together aspiring screenwriters ages
11 to 17 to master the art of storytelling, workshop their writing in a supportive community, where they can learn what's possible as young screenwriters.

Our Screenwriting Facebook Group is hub for aspiring screenwriters as well as the  parent's of young aspiring screenwriters to form community and receive resources and encouragement that will help in their journey of becoming successful screenwriters. 


Live Training

Monthly live training sessions that dive deep into the key aspects of developing a professional-level screenplay for a short film. We cover story, character, plot, symbolism, themes and so much more to bring about the best possible writing that will stand out in a sea of screenplays.


Community Groups

Writers tend to work in isolation but they can really thrive by being part of a supportive, non-judgmental community of writers where they can workshop their writing, provide and receive constructive feedback and celebrate each other's wins as they pursue their screenwriting goals.


Special events

Short film screenings, special guests, fun writing challenges and more, to help our members grow as storytellers while creating an engaging environment to learn the not-so-easy art of crafting a compelling screenplay. 


online Courses

Self-paced online courses designed to help young writers ages 11 -17 develop their storytelling skills that goes beyond simplistic & formulaic story structure techniques. Our writers approach story in a completely organic way that's true to the human experience.

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