Our Philosophy

We believe young people are capable of writing creative stories with well-rounded characters in order to express an idea or message that can enrich the world of screenwriting. We encourage our writers to create stories they want to tell. There are a lot of outlets available to kids who are interested in screenwriting. We believe in preparing our students with the right tools and information necessary to write a quality script.Screenwriting Kids

All young people have their own unique gifts, talents and abilities. For those who show an interest in screenwriting, we help them to understand the craft while developing their unique voice. We do not see age as a barrier but an opportunity for more stories to be told from another perspective.

Screenwriting Kids affords young people the opportunity to share their voice in a fun and creative medium. Our students learn how to develop their writing skills while exploring deeper themes within a story. We challenge our writers to make the most out of the story they want to tell. We have come across a lot of young students who are extremely passionate about becoming professional television or screenwriters and age should definitely not get in the way of fulfilling any dream.

Below is proof that kids can write for Hollywood!