August 14, 2015

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You do not have a very interesting story without a good amount of CONFLICT.  When writing your story, you have to first establish a goal that your main character wants to achieve.  Then you have to throw in some major conflict that prevents your main character from reaching their goal.

In the very hilarious 2005 movie, “Are We There Yet”, Nick, a hip and single sports collector falls for the very beautiful Suzanne, a single mom with two exceptionally strong-willed kids.  The kids are the source of conflict for the main character, Nick.  Nick agrees to drive Suzanne’s son and daughter all the way to Canada, where she is managing a special event for her job.  The road trip is riddled with conflict that hinders the main character’s goal of getting the kids to their mom safely and ultimately winning her heart.

You have to make it hard for your character to achieve their goal in order to make the story worthwhile in the end, when the hero of the story finally accomplishes their goal.  You want to throw as many obstacles as you can, in the path of your hero, if your audience is going to get invested in the story. Make the achievement of the goal a constant uphill battle for your main character and give your audience something to root for.  Always remember, conflict creates great storytelling.



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