A UNIQUE one-of-a-kind coaching program to prepare kids/teens to write compelling AWARD-WINNING screenplays that will jumpstart their screenwriting careers using my INSIDE-OUT STORY BRILLIANCE METHOD.


Your child is ready to make a major impact in the world with their amazing stories. It's time to put their screenwriting gears into motion and empower them to master the art of storytelling in such a way that they are able to write deeply meaningful screenplays that will set them on the path of becoming award-winning screenwriters.

I've been helping young writers become empowered to use their voice to tell their amazing stories in richly compelling ways that have led them to winning awards, producing their screenplays into short films and entering their projects into film festivals designed for kids and teens. 

My students have been able to level-up their storytelling skills, increase their writing confidence and jumpstart their screenwriting journeys. 

And I'm excited to help your child do the same.

You're in the right place at the right moment because:


Your Child Is Super Passionate & Focused 

They are ready to deepen their storytelling skills and standout in the sea of aspiring screenwriters by mastering the art of captivating an audience with their words. 


They're Ready to Take Action

Your child will need to get their writing seen and produced in order to begin their journey as professional screenwriters. My students receive custom-tailored plans on how to get their work produced so they can gain more exposure.


They Have What It Takes 

Your child has the talent, passion, and focus--the only thing missing are the necessary story development skills that will set them on the path to a successful screenwriting career by unlocking their ability to tell deeply compelling stories that will get the attention of industry professionals. 

What if your child could…

...receive access to a fun, step-by-step, easy-to-follow story development system that walks them through everything they'll need to unlock their inner story genius and create amazing screenplays that will transform their writing and get them noticed.

Your aspiring screenwriter is ready to make a big impact in the world with their amazing stores. And consistently create compelling screenplays using the Inside/Out Story Development Method. As well as build their writing confidence as skilled storytellers who understand how to use their voice to tell their important stories.

Since 2008, I've been in a screenwriting coach for kids/teens. It's always such an honor to work with young, talented writers who are so passionate about sharing their stories with the world.  

My students have been able to hone their voice, build their confidence and drastically improve their writing so they can create meaningful stories that emotionally resonate with their audience--helping them to standout as emerging screenwriters who are making a positive impact in the world.

Our Create Awesome Screenplays coaching program is the first of its kind that…

Prepares Young Writers... 

...for the real world of screenwriting. Kids learn how write, produce, and pitch their projects as if they were already working screenwriters on an actual deadline.

Helps Kids/Teens Get Their Work Seen

Kids receive action plans on how to gain exposure for their screenplays and short films that will help jumpstart their screenwriting career.

Results Driven

Our students don't have to wait years and hope that one day they'll get someone to read their screenplay. They get to do this right now! We work out custom plans to help our writers get their work seen. 

Thomas, age 11

My student Thomas won his first screenwriting competition in the first 90 days of learning the Inside-Out Story Brilliance Method!

Brianna, age 17

My student, Brianna, wrote, directed, produced and starred in her first short film, Sweet 15, that she wrote during our coaching program and has received raving reviews.

Milan, age 12

My student, Milan, wrote his first screenplay in our program and placed as a finalist (amongst adult screenwriters) in the Hollywood Just 4 Short Film and Screenplay Competition, for his screenplay Lemonade. He is currently working on producing his short film.

Noah, age 11

My student, Noah, created his first screenplay, The Piano Lesson, and is excited about pursuing a career as a professional screenwriter.

Hannah, age 16

My student, Hannah, created her very first screenplay, I Love You To The Moon And Back, after spending years writing short stories but never completing them. Hannah is proud of her accomplishment of finishing what she started and is looking forward to continue to produce great writing.

Will your child be next?

Not only is screenwriting a fun and engaging way for kids to express themselves, but it can also lead to valuable career opportunities in the film and television industry. APPLY NOW and give your child the chance to turn their dreams into a compelling screenplay that can open doors.