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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

—Maya Angelou

Imagine this...

...your talented young writer opens their laptop and instantly understands how to create captivating stories that will emotionally resonate with audiences leading to amazing screenwriting/filmmaking opportunities.

This is what our students experience after completing our Create Awesome Screenplays mentorship program! We teach young writers how to create compelling screenplays for short films that will launch their screenwriting careers.

Our program teaches how to craft story in a way that is not being taught to kids/teens but they absolutely must know! 

Our students learn how to dig deep and unearth the emotional core of their stories--because we connect with others through our stories. And understanding how to craft compelling stories that capture the hearts and imaginations of others--these are the types of writers who win awards, gain admission into Film School, get their work produced, and make a major impact in the world with their stories.

But there's one problem...

Screenwriting Kids helps young writers who don't have...

So they are not left frustrated, lost and confused.

I get it! Writing is not easy.

And learning how to write a screenplay takes strategy, skill and a clear understanding of how a story really works.

With the help of our Inside-Out Story Development Method, young writers truly understand what a story actually is and how to use the power of story to create emotionally compelling screenplays for short films. Our private 1:1 professional-development mentorship program helps young aspiring screenwriters get to the emotional core of their story so that it will make a truly meaningful impact and cause their work to standout in the competitive playing field of screenwriting. 

Working with a DEVOTED PROFESSIONAL WRITING COACH will give your child the skills and competitive edge they will need to achieve their screenwriting dreams. Students who have enrolled  in our VIP professional development mentorship program have gone on to win screenwriting awards, premier at film festivals and produce their projects into short films.

This is a unique opportunity for your child to build their writing confidence and get their important stories out into the world.

Not only is screenwriting a fun and exciting way for kids/teens to express themselves, but it can also lead to exciting career opportunities in the film and television industry. 

Hi, it's me...Debbie Marie!
Screenwriting Kids Founder and...

Writing Coach Mentor \ Cheerleader 

Which is why kids who want to become successful screenwriters should enroll in...

Create Awesome Screenplays

How To Write A Screenplay

Personalized 1:1 coaching and mentorship that prepares young writers to develop the skills they will need in order to become accomplished screenwriters. Young writers learn high-level storytelling techniques.

How To Film A Screenplay

Students receive BONUS easy-to-follow filmmaking lessons using their mobile phones (no fancy equipment) taught by a professional filmmaker. (To prepare to enter film festivals and gain more exposure as screenwriters.)

How To Pitch A Screenplay

Students learn how to communicate their projects to industry professionals, building confidence and communication skills. 

Live Coaching Special Events

Students participate in SPECIAL LIVE COACHING EVENTS to analyze short films to further build on their storytelling and critical thinking skills.

Building the Next Generation of 
Awesome Screenwriters!  

Our Create Awesome Screenplays program is where screenwriting is not treated as a hobby but as a PASSION and a PROFESSION.

Plain and simple. Kids become better writers after taking this course. And they come out on the other side with very valuable products--an awesome screenplay and short film--the greatest currency of emerging screenwriters!

I bet you didn't you know...


If your child has a passion to write professionally, in hopes of having their work sold and produced, it's not an impossible feat.

See what these young writers were able to accomplish:

ABC Television Black-Ish star, Marsai Martin set the Guinness World Record as the youngest executive producer for a major film at age 14.

Nicholas Buamah created his own sitcom, Nick's House, where he is the 
Executive Producer at age 11.

Esabella Anna Karena Strickland became an award-winning screenwriter 
at age 15. Her films were shown at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Racer Max Rodriguez shared a writing credit on The Adventures of 
Sharkboy & Lavagirl In 3-D at age 8.

Kody Keplinger authored her debut novel The DUFF, which she wrote when she was 17 years old and later became a movie.

Christopher Paolini wrote his debut novel at age 15 which later became a movie.

Hana Makhmalbaf at age 8, made her first short film, The Day My Aunt Was ILL which received international attention at Locarno Film Festival. At age 14, Hana's film Joy of Madness premiered at Venice Film Festival 2003 and received three international awards.

Parents of Enthusiastic Writers


But there's HOPE...

It's frustrating for your child to have all these great story ideas and not knowing what to do with them.

There's so much involved in writing a great script that it can be intimidating, leaving kids feeling stuck--not knowing where to begin or end.

Or, what if perfectionism is getting in the way? Blocking creativity.

Maybe they're afraid to begin a story because they think it won't be good enough. So it never even gets started. 

And then there are those who don't have a story idea but really want to write a screenplay.

They don't know where to begin. Or how to come up with story ideas that will translate into a great screenplay.

I show young writers how to break through resistance, use their voice, and write their stories. Regardless of roadblocks they have faced in the past.

My students learn how to write from the inside out, in order to truly connect with their story and what they are relaying to their audience. Emotional resonance is key when it comes to crafting a great story.

My Inside Out Story System and personalized approach helps students discover the true heart of their stories. 

Inexperienced writers learn how to take clear, actionable steps to write a solid story that connects with an audience intellectually and emotionally.

Writers know, we don't just tell stories to tell them. We tell stories to impact others.

So it's important to understand how to write these stories in compelling ways.


Create Awesome Screenplay course BONUSES!

In addition to all of the personalized coaching, written feedback, and personalized support, we prepare our students with the tools they need to become professionals writers.

VIP bonus 1
Screenwriting Competitions

Students receive help submitting their screenplays to screenwriting competitions designed for kids/teens to gain exposure for their projects. 

VIP Bonus 2
Film Festivals

Students receive help submitting their short films to film festivals designed for kids/teens to gain exposure for their projects. 

VIP Bonus 3
Film Editing

Our film editing team will make sure student's films are ready to submit to film festivals for consideration.

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Our AMAZING screenwriting program is available at these California Charter schools.

About Our Founder,

Debbie Wright

Debbie is a talented writing coach who holds an MFA in Creative Writing and a recipient of the prestigious Disney Fellowship where she wrote for Disney/ABC Family. 

Debbie was a Staff Writer for the ABC Family Drama Lincoln Heights and a script reader for the Disney Fellowship Program. Debbie is currently a volunteer writing mentor with the amazing non-profit organization WriteGirl, and is in the process of producing a Young Adult fiction novel.

Since 2008, Debbie has taught young writers the power of telling a great story that delivers an impactful message through fully realized characters and compelling plots.

Debbie puts her entire heart into empowering young writers to be empowered to use  their voice and tell their stories.

SCHEDULE A CALL to learn more about this AMAZING opportunity to help your child develop into a brilliant storyteller so they can achieve their screenwriting dreams.

Here’s what people are saying about the
course instructor...

Frank Bennett Gonzalez

Former Director, Talent Development Disney ABC Television Group and current DGA Executive in Charge of Diversity Programs and Committees

Debbie is an exceptional person and an outstanding screenwriter. Her passion for children and skill with story and characters make her an INCREDIBLE teacher for the next generation of creative writers.

Mina Lefevre

Former VP Programming and Development ABC Family and current Head of Development and Programming Facebook Watch

Debbie is a talented and gifted writer that has a lot to offer young people seeking television and screenwriting careers. She is a wonderful storyteller with the unique ability to capture her audience with interesting and strong character driven scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

Our course is designed to help students complete their screenplay for a short film (five to ten minutes) in 90-days. However, it is up to the student to keep up with their writing schedule and course material.

What if I don't have a story idea?

We will help you! The course is designed to stir up creative ideas that will bring you to a fully realized story. Plus, during the first year of enrollment, students have 1:1 access with their writing coach to ask any questions.

How do I get feedback on my screenplay?

In the industry, we call the written feedback, script coverage. As long as the screenplay is completed within the first year of enrollment, the student will receive written feedback on the first draft of their script. We aim for every student to complete their script within 90-days.

Students do have the opportunity to receive feedback on a second draft at an additional fee.

Will my nine-year-old be able to grasp the advanced training?

We have a way of making advanced writing skills accessible to different age groups. And students have access to their writing coach during the first year of enrollment.

However, we do offer special group training to young writers. Contact us for more details.

Can I get help pitching my screenplay?

Yes. There is a module in the course that covers how to pitch as well as getting scripts ready for screenwriting contests.

Can I receive additional one-on-one coaching sessions?

Students enrolled in the V.I.P course have the option to purchase additional live 1:1 coaching packages. 

Can I write a full-length screenplay? 

Yes. We do provide a course on writing a feature length screenplay (90-110 page maximum). You can call or email for more details.

However, we do advise taking the short film screenwriting course first. It takes a lot of time and discipline to write a full-length script and it's best to learn the core storytelling components of a script, before diving into feature screenplays. There are a number of storytelling and structural elements that are different when it comes to writing a feature length screenplay.  Baby steps! : )

Can I write a t.v. script?

Our Create Awesome Screenplays Premium and V.I.P level courses are only for writing a screenplay for a short film (five to ten pages/minutes).

However, we do offer television writing training to
kids ages 13 to 17. Contact us for more details

This was an excellent class for my 12-year-old daughter, Alexis. Debbie has a wonderful gift with kids. And her curriculum challenged and inspired my daughter to write her very best. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Debbie’s website. We’ve been looking for screenwriting instruction for kids for awhile, but had no luck until we were fortunate enough to find Screenwriting Kids!

Joanne Glenn Mom of student age 12

I'm so grateful for the level of engagement you've provided which has created an interest in a subject that is so new to my boys. They've learnt so much from you beyond the screenplay and both of their Literacy teachers at school sent me feedback on their impressive abilities in character analysis and analysis of scenarios. I have no doubt in my mind that this is directly linked to the work and experience you've given them. 


Rasha Al-Naibari Mom of students ages 8 and 9

Zane Nelson - age 9

I had so much fun with this writing course.  This course helped me to understand the deeper meaning of stories and storytelling. Time seemed to fly by and sadly it ended.

Justine eyre - zane's mom

Debbie, huge thanks to you for the class, Zane had such a blast and his understanding and love of storytelling grew under your tutelage! We so look forward to hearing his script read aloud.

Danielle LaToof  - THomas' mom

Over the summer, my son showed an interest in screenwriting, and wanted to learn more. We found Mrs. Debbie's course online and decide to give it a try. Immediately, Thomas began pointing out different terminology that he learned through her coursework as we watched movies or television shows. I was totally amazed!

After each stage of the coursework was completed, a zoom meeting with Mrs. Debbie was scheduled to review his progress and to discuss any questions. She was always punctual, patient, and thorough in making sure he grasped the concepts that she was teaching for that particular platform of her course. I would highly recommend this course for any young screenwriter, because it was easy for my son to follow. He was able to learn at his own pace, and Mrs. Debbie was always quick to help him in any way possible.
Mrs. Debbie helped to build his confidence as both a student and as a screenwriter. Furthermore, my son took the work that he completed through Mrs. Debbie's course and entered several screenwriting competitions. He went on to win "Best Screenwriter" and "Best Script!" Our son has come so far with the help and guidance of Mrs. Debbie. This course has been an amazing experience for my son!

Thank you, Mrs. Debbie!

Danielle LaToof

Screenwriting Kids
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